PERSONAL INFORMATION ACCESS REQUEST FORM   Under the law, you (as a parent or legal guardian) have the right to review any personal information relating to your child under the age of 13 that may be collected by (the Site).  However, we must verify that the request comes from a child’s parent or legal guardian, so please provide the information requested below.  Please print this form, and once complete, mail it to us at:   Personal Information Access Request Berenstain Enterprises, Inc. P.O. Box 24 Ambler, PA 19002   After verifying your information, we will send you a response via U.S. mail. Child’s First Name: _____________________________________ Child’s E-mail Address: __________________________________ Parent/Guardian’s Full Name: ____________________________________________ Parent/Guardian’s Full Address: __________________________________________          __________________________________________          __________________________________________ Parent/Guardian’s E-mail Address: ________________________________________   I am requesting that you (please check those applicable):   __ Delete my child’s personal information from the Site’s marketing database.  I understand that this will mean that my child will not be able to participate in certain activities and services of the Site and will be eliminated from any of the Site’s sweepstakes or contests he or she may have registered for.     __ No longer collect or use any personal information regarding my child.   __ Please provide me with all personal information this site has collected about my child.   __ Update my child’s information as follows:   Child’s E-mail Address: __________________________________ Parent/Guardian’s E-mail Address: ________________________________________ Parent/Guardian’s Full Address: __________________________________________             __________________________________________             __________________________________________   By signing below I certify that I am the (please check) __ parent or __ legal guardian of the child listed above.   Signature _________________________ Date ___________________