Privacy Policy Terms of Service © 2019, The Berenstain Bears  |  | Papa Bear has a very big heart and loves his family, so he's very devoted to his cubs.  Papa is always ready to help in times of crisis and thinks he is an expert on most every subject.  Papa loves the outdoors, especially fishing, and he is a great carpenter.  He really enjoys eating Mama's cooking and therefore is a bit on the hefty side.  His favorite food?  Honey, of course! Mama Bear is the wise, heart and soul of the family, and while she can be assertive at times, she is very slow to get angry. Mama loves to garden and feed Papa and the cubs healthy meals, so it is no surprise that she is president of the Bear Country Garden Club.  Making quilts is her favorite hobby. Mama is always a peacemaker and helps Brother, Sister and Honey remember their good manners. Honey Bear is the youngest member of the Bear family.  She loves her big Brother and Sister, and spends most of her day with Mama while the cubs are at school and Papa is at work in his wood shop. Sister Bear is a highly-competitive, born- to-win, self-reliant third-grader, who is often braver than she imagines. She loves acting, her Bearbie dolls and the color pink. Sister is very outdoorsy and sports-minded, but she also loves fairytales, writing and jump rope. Brother Bear is 10-years old and a stand-up guy.  He is very sports- minded, with his favorite being soccer. He is also a big fan of T. Rex dinosaurs, model airplane building, and "wheels" of all kinds.  Brother is computer literate and into video games. He often acts as protector and stands up for Sister and the smaller cubs at school.