Bear Country has been created over the past fifty years by Stan, Jan, and Mike Berenstain to describe the stories in their books.  Some of the places in Bear Country you'll recognize are: The tree house is where the Bear family lives.  It's at the end of a sunny dirt road deep in Bear Country.  The tree house is always the same on the outside, though some rooms changed when Sister Bear and Honey Bear were born. Brother and Sister share a room with bunk beds.  At times, their room looks neat as can be.  At other times, it is a complete mess and Mama Bear wastes no time telling them to clean it up.  Brother and Sister's room is a full of books, dinosaurs, Bearbie dolls, coloring books, and a closet stuffed with all sorts of interesting things. Honey Bear has her own room.   Her crib has a musical mobile hanging overhead.  Honey's room also has a changing table, some toys, a baby seat, and a play pen.  Mama makes sure Honey's room is always neat. Mama and Papa's room has a beautiful window so they can look out over Bear Country.  The room has a fireplace to keep them warm on cold winter nights. The tree house also has a living room, kitchen, bathroom, and sun room (where Mama and Honey spend afternoons).  All of the furniture is handmade by Papa, who is a very good carpenter. Downtown Bear Country has busy streets and lots of stores.  You'll find a doctor's office, a dentist, and plenty of park space for Easter egg hunts, model airplane flying, and playing with friends.  There is a church and a school where the cubs learn all their major subjects.  The Bear family's grandparents live within walking distance of the tree house. Near the Berenstain Bears' tree house is Farmer Ben's watermelon field.  Farmer Ben lets the cubs use one of his empty fields to play baseball.  The cubs can go fishing in the pond next door to Farmer Ben's. At the top of Spook Hill, there is a haunted house which provides for mysterious adventures.  There are also caves, mountains, and lots of other places for the cubs to explore. Though you won't find it on any map, Bear Country is as real as our imaginations allow it to be. Privacy Policy Terms of Service © 2019, The Berenstain Bears  |  |